What We’ve Heard

Chicago, especially within the 3rd Ward, is facing a crisis. Violent crime is up, schools are crumbling or closing and the current guard of complacent and corrupt leaders have not taken the initiative to create effective plans to address the needs of their constituents. This complacency has left the people of Chicago and the 3rd Ward believing that the system is broken, that it’s useless to look to the government for help. But the old guard is on their way out and a new wave of fresh, first-time candidates are coming amidst an invigorated political movement.

All of this has set the stage for Alexandria Willis who, with her background in healthcare and community activism, still believes government has the power to better serve the citizens of the 3rd Ward. The system isn’t broken. It just needs to be shaken up, redirected and put to work on the issues that matter most and she’s got the vision and the experience to get it done.

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Why Alexandria?

  • Alexandria is a Chicago native and an alumnus of the Chicago Public School system.

  • Her professional career is rich with experience in healthcare advocacy and policymaking.

  • Alexandria has made her home in the 3rd Ward because she believes it can be the gateway to modern Chicago.

  • She’s got a history of involvement in advocacy within her Bronzeville community.

  • She brings a fresh perspective from a new generation that has come of age and is ready to drive their own change.

  • She’s passionate about fighting for change and addressing the real problems.